Once upon a time
Upstart underdogs struggled
Now we’ve Mac attacks

Siri-ous business
When I’m chewing on my food
Can you hear me now?

The five-year-old girl
An iPad power user
Still forgets to flush

Leopard, Snow Leopard
Mountain Lion, Maverick
What’s up next, Snow Jobs?

iSpy iCandy
iTunes, YouTube, me Jane
What is in a name?

Leader of the pack
Silicon cyber supreme
Wall Street in the cloud

With Google, Facebook,
YouTube, Pinterest, how does
One paper train dogs?

If politicians
Were more Apple-like
They’d be popular

We are all artists
We’re all photojournalists
Thank Steven Paul Jobs

Every daily race
To win our hearts and our minds
Takes third-party apps

Bluetooth addiction
In the car or the crapper
He’s making phone calls

If Descartes still lived
Would he rework his best work
iThink therefore iAm?

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4 thoughts on “iHaikus

  1. I like the way you use technology to compare regular tasks for a child. Times are changing.

  2. Tap Tap Tap……I read it three times, in between, inbox, iPhoto and Instagram , I am very busy doing nothing – with it all.
    Hope you are well Ben, it was good to see you in my inbox this morning !

  3. Ben Solomon says:

    Thanks for checking in, Paula. Fighting the good fight here. Hope you’re doing the same…when you aren’t too busy…

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