Any Damn Thing You Like

It can be any damn thing you like. That’s at the heart of it. The people, their faces, their voices. The places and smells and colors. The themes and morals and tone and voice. It’s any damn thing you like. I’ll never get over that.

When you come down to it, an author can write any damn thing he likes. Whatever floats her boat. No handcuffs in this racket. The sky’s the limit. It’s just you. You and your brain and your gut and the blank page. That should be anything but daunting.

I’ve seen kids get lost. Give a fledgling a piece of video and an editing program, and don’ t expect to hear anything for a long, long time. They’ll crank through limitless adjustments, tweaks, experiments, checking out every last effect at their fingertips. Sure. If only they knew what they wanted.

If you’ve got something inside you that’s got to come out, you’ve got no headaches where that blank page is concerned. If you know what you want, all you have to do is work on getting there. Arriving’s no easy matter, but that shouldn’t stop you. What do you have to say? Let your passion run free. You’ve got that opening line, or that hook in mind, or a twist. Maybe you’ve been writing an outline in your head for a week. Maybe you’ve got a character whose story is itching to bust out. Put it down on the page.

The blank page should never be daunting. It’s freedom in rectangular form. Have at it. Tickle it, slap it, nudge it, punish it. Play with it until you’re spent. You’ve got something inside you and you’ve got something to say. Let it explode.

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2 thoughts on “Any Damn Thing You Like

  1. vonzex says:

    I wish I could write like that. Grammar absolutely ruined me. I now look at writing in terms of syntax.

    • Ben Solomon says:

      I’ll tell you, real humble-like, to keep having at it. Grind away as hard as you can, as often as you can, as regular as you can. Saturate yourself in the work and you’ll find your way.

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