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So I’ve been ramping up the website for my detective series. Just added some features—it’s about time. Sure.

As long as I was at it, I thought I should give the search engines a look-see. Especially the big “G.” See, word on the World Wide Web is that it can take months to show up on in organic, Google search results. That’s assuming you’re legit and all. Ever since my unheralded efforts began in February, I ain’t exactly been holding my breath. But what does it cost to take a flyer? Am I right?

In case you’re tempted to play along at home:
The Hard-Boiled Detective

You could of knocked me over with an AdWords discount code. There’s my site, all right. Sure, the second entry on page three. I’m not expecting to win any optimization awards, or even gain enough traffic to fill a hanky, but page three on Google’s a whole lot better than page 3000.

Then there’s Yahoo! I remember them. They used to be big. So they’re still holding on to the Mount Rushmore of Internet life like they’re Eva Marie Saint. I have to hand it to them for honoring my site with numero three in search listings. And those results barely jockey around even when you leave out the hyphen.

Then there’s Bing. I have a tough time admitting that Microsoft is my hero, but hell! I’m top dog on Bing! Drop the hyphen or “The” and I’m still number three, for crissake. Go figure.

Not bad for an unknown upstart, a no-account, no name author with a no-name detective. Who knows what the next six months will bring? Perhaps the stuff that SEO gurus’ dreams are made of. Sure.

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